• Mozilla has released the latest version of its web browser, promising improved performance and stability, along with several new features for developers and users. The company has also posted builds for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    Firefox 3.6 offers improved startup and response times, as well as better JavaScript performance, the firm said. Mozilla estimates that Firefox 3.6 runs some 20 per cent faster than the 3.5 release.

    New features include a Personas theme tool that allows users to edit and load visual themes without the need to restart the browser. Firefox 3.6 also uses an improved auto-complete component, and can automatically detect when a plug-in needs updating.

    Mozilla has added support for HTML 5 and CSS gradients for developers and webmasters, and the new version will be able to note device orientation for users with notebooks and portable devices so that web pages adjust to the positioning of the device.

    Posted by Paul Littlefield @ 1:07 pm

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