• Open Source News Comments Off on University of Warwick to spend £1.3m on Linux supercomputer

    The University of Warwick has awarded a contract for a new Linux-based High Performance Computing (HPC) facility to OFC.

    Under the £1.3 million contract, HPC solutions provider OFC will deliver the facility at the university’s Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC), where it will be mainly used for research in the field of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). MHD is the study of dynamics of electrically-conducting fluids such as plasma and metal liquids.

    The facility will also be used to support research from other disciplines at the university.

    The centre is looking to develop a facility that is a Linux cluster comprised of multi-core nodes interconnected at high-bandwidth and low-latency. It will also have an attached high-performance storage and parallel file system.

    An existing datac entre at the research centre will house the new facility. The datacentre is equipped for up to 100KW of additional IT load and has chilled water infrastructure to accommodate water-cooled racks.

    The project is expected to last 12 months from the award of contract, 21 November, with up to three contract renewals possible.

  • Open Source News Comments Off on This intelligent fridge runs Linux

    Need proof that technology is all consuming and eventually will make it’s way into every crevice of our society? Then look no further than this Electrolux fridge. It runs Linux and has an ARM chip embedded.

    The fridge is called the Infinity i-Kitchen and utilizes the chip and Linux to run a touchscreen interface and control what the fridge is doing with your food. The actual spec of the fridge PC includes:

    • Freescale i.MX25 processor @ 400MHz
    • 128MB RAM
    • 480 x 800 resolution touchscreen

    Having a Linux machine sitting inside your fridge is pointless unless it offers some additional functionality. So ProFUSION, who develop the embedded system, have added a number of apps you may find useful in the kitchen. These include recipe lists, reminders, a calendar which can have information added to it, a calculator, and a photos app so your fridge can also be a digital picture frame.

    For controlling the fridge specifically, the touchscreen gives you access to temperature controls, but also a number of presets. So if you’re going on holiday temperatures can be reduced to a much more power efficient setting for a week or two. If you’re having a party where the fridge is likely to be opened a lot more than usual, a more aggressive cooling cycle can be run.There’s also a special draw inside for quick-cooling of food and drink.

    As the fridge has a photo viewer it must either have a USB port or wireless connectivity. Either way it may be possible to install new apps or have someone hack it. A jailbroken fridge would be a first, right?