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    A February survey of IT managers by IDC indicated that hard times are accelerating the adoption of Linux. The open source operating system will emerge from the recession in a stronger data center position than before, concluded an IDC white paper.

    Sixty-five percent of the 330 respondents said they plan to increase Linux server workloads by 10% or more this year. Sixty-three percent said they will increase their use of Linux on the desktop by more than 10% this year, although such an increase would still probably represent a miniscule share of all desktops. Forty-nine percent said they expect Linux will be their primary server platform within five years.

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    Linux Is Ready have won the contract to supply a Linux-based server to a business which administers language schools worldwide.

    Our company beat off the competition with a more economic pricing structure, professional IT strategy and rock-solid Open Source software.

    We will also be overhauling the network infrastructure and upgrading some of the office desktop computers as part of the IT changeover, which will be completed by the beginning of April.

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    Whenever you buy an airline ticket or book a hotel room these days, chances are that a good part of that transaction will run through Sabre’s network. Sabre is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technology solutions for the airline and travel industry. What you may not be aware of, however, is that Sabre has made open-source software a cornerstone of its technology strategy. Sabre already relies on a number of open-source projects to handle thousands of transactions every second, and today, Sabre and Progress FUSE announced a new partnership that will make a number of FUSE’s open-source offerings a cornerstone of Sabre’s technology.

    Sabre will use FUSE ESB, Message Broker, and Mediation Router for its Supplier-Side Gateway, which allows Sabre’s suppliers to interface with its services.